This article contains information about unused content in both Super Lifeless Object Battle and Super Lifeless Object Camp.

Super Lifeless Object BattleEdit

Unused CharactersEdit

According to the video made by Jevron Freeman, he dropped out a few characters. These characters include:

  • Flag - His face was on the banner, not the pole, friend of Torch (appears in Super Lifeless Object Reboot)
  • Chest Peace - An arch enemy of Chess Piece (appears in Super Lifeless Object Reboot as Chess Pest)
  • Clock - An enemy of Compass, called "imposter by Compass too (appears in Super Lifeless Object Battle)
  • Nickel - Seen in episode 1 while talking to Grape, scrapped because of to much bland.
  • Atom Relatives
    • ​Aton - ​Atom' s brother
    • Atam - Atom's Dad
    • Atem - Atom's Bully
    • Atum - Atom's Mom
    • Celly- Atom's love interest

All of the characters listed above we're originally going to debut in And His Name Is..., however, only Sushi made it to the episode.

However, on Piggy-Ham-Bacon's deviant art, he confirmed that Flag, Chest Peace, and Clock are going to be in the new Super Lifeless Object Camp (season 2). Chest Peace is also going to be renamed into Chess Pest.

Character EditsEdit

Originally, Chess Piece was originally named Chessy, however, this was scrapped because to the creator sounding Chessy as Cheesy accidentally, Cheesy was renamed into Chess Piece. Chess Piece also originally had arms, but the creator thought Chess Piece being armless would fit for him.

Plug-ee & Glidey we're originally going to be love interests, however, the creator didn't want the show to have too many romance.