• Hypey, Egg, Atom, and Glidey watch a video*

Hypey: Haha, I like it how Balloon Boy died!

Glidey: But Balloon Boy was my favorite character.

Egg: Eww, Balloon Boy? He sucks! I'm glad he died in the video. One time when I was beating Night 6, he went into my office and killed me!

Atom: *speaking in a high-pitched voice* Guys, let's just watch another video.

Egg: What?

Atom: *sigh*


Map: Hmm... My body did say that the treasure was here...

  • Map finds a red X on the ground*

Map: Ahh, there it is!


Grape: Ito at upang panganganak. (It's so boring (translated))

Nickel: Uh, what did you just said?

Grape: Oops, sorry! I sometimes speak Flillipino!

Nickel: Oh.

more to fill in.