Sushi is the winner Japanese contestant in Super Lifeless Object Battle. His arch enemy is Egg, Hypey which is revealed when Egg and Hypey tries to kill him in Episode 4B, due to a love triangle between Grape, although she doesn't like Egg anymore.


Sushi is a small, armless futomaki sushi. He is made out of seaweed, salmon, spinach, and tamago (and possibly kampyo and shitake fungi). Since his debut, he looked like a perfect cylinder, and his ingredients in the center of his body are cubic too. His body was changed in Episode 4A, where is body looks like hand made sushi rolls.


  • Sushi is the only two characters who often speak in traditional language, which is Japanese. The other is Grape, who speaks Fillipino.
  • Sushi is known for being futomaki sushi, however, this might be wrong, as he also might be Hosomaki sushi.
  • Sushi is shown having pairs of surprised eyes in most episodes.
  • Sushi was originally a different type of sushi. This was scrapped because the creator thought it looked like pot (drugs).
  • Sushi was originally a female.
  • When Sushi makes a random face in Aw, Come On?, his face is a cropped photo of Jack-o-Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition .
  • Sushi is the 3rd armless contestant eliminated.
  • Although Sushi is Japanese, he can speak English.
  • Sushi speaks mostly Japanese throughout the episodes 2, 3, and 6. However, he mostly talks English throughout all the Episode 4 episodes.
  • Sushi is the second smallest character in Super Lifeless Object Battle. The first is Atom.
  • Sushi was originally going to be an onigiri


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