Po is a female contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle her team is Team Navigator. She also retired the show, along with Donger Shlonger.


Po shares the same iconic features with the FNaTL 3 Po, as Po is in a tattered state, having the holes around her eye sockets reach further down her face, revealing more of the endoskeleton head under, and as before, her right hand and forearm as well as her left ear is missing. Her endoskeleton is exposed on her right arm and shoulder, left forearm, right lower leg and foot, and both parts of her left leg. The remaining suit parts, her left forearm, right thigh, left foot, right ear, torso, and the area where her left ear used to be have holes all over them.


  • Po is the tallest female character in Super Lifeless Object Battle.
  • Po is the only robotic character in Super Lifeless Object Battle
  • Po is made after the FNaTL 3 Po.
    • Note: FNaTL (Five Nights at Tubbyland) is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game.
  • Po is the only character with lots of assets.
  • Unlike Po from FNaTL 3, Po's endoskelton eyes move around.
  • When Donger Shlonger snaps in Episode 4B, Po's eyes turn orange. This is a reference to one of the characters in "Shlonger Donger and friends," Pooper Shlooper, a modified version of the FNaTL  Po with orange, reptile-like, eyes.
  • Po is the only character in Super Lifeless Object Battle whose limbs are stretched.
    • She is also the only contestant with a half arm with words hanging out of it.
  • Originally, Po was supposed to debut in And His Name Is....
  • Po's first appearance was on Piggy-Ham-Bacon's deviantart picture called "Five Nights at Tubbyland (Object Show Version).
    • She also appeared as a FNaTL 1 Po.


Team Navigator
Team Navigator

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