Laptop is the main host of Super Lifeless Object BattleHe had debuted in the first episode after Atom gave the laptop super life. He also is the boyfriend of Baysa the book. 


Laptop is a large black laptop that has a blue screen for a face. Like what all laptops have in real life, he has a mouse pad. He also has a camera on top of his face that must have been used for Laptop's vision. He also has seventy-nine keys on his belly part that is not labled. He also has a logo below his face saying "oxygen."


  • Laptop was the first character to be added to Super Lifeless Object Battle.
    • He was also the first male character to be added.
      • Map was the first female character added.
  • Laptop was based off of Mephone4 from Inanimate Insanity. One can tell due to their white faces on them.
    • Coincidentally, they're both devices.
      • The show in abbreviation is also SLOB (Super. Lifeless. Object. Battle) which is based on one of Mephone4's catchphrase, "But I'm a fat slob. So I ate them."
      • Laptop also seemingly seems fat, like a fat slob.
  • Laptop is the only host in Object Show History to have a love interest.
  • Laptop's catchphrase is "SHAT AP," which is Shut Up! Spelled incorrectly.
  • Laptop was accidentally called "Dummy" by Jevron Freeman (Character) after Laptop was worried about the new assets.
  • Laptop can seemingly tell if someone is eliminated without an elimination chart as seen in And His Name Is....
  • Laptop was based off bits of Window from Object Universe.
    • He is also based off TV from BFDIA, Karen from Spongebob Squarepants, Mecintosh from Inanimate Insanity II: Episode 7- Theft & Battery, Controlley's Computer from BOTO (Brawl of the Objects), and Jevron's real life Toshiba Laptop.
  • Laptop is commonly mistaken as Computer or Computer Monitor.
  • Laptop likes Five Nights at Freddy's, but his love interest, Baysa, does not.
  • Laptop's catchphrase was switched around several times until it was finally changed into, "SHAT AP!"
    • These catchphrases include:
      • "Be quiet!"
      • "Sush up!"
      • "STOP THAT!" (Said by Laptop in Tanks!)
      • "OH MY GOD!"
      • "Stop it!"
      • "No!"
  • In the first episode, Laptop is actually a Beats Audio Laptop.