Kindle is a new male contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Reboot, and is in Team Time.



Kindle used to be a Kindle Fire HD 7 type, and had a orange screen that would emitt a bright, orange glow. His torso was black, flat, and round, and also supported a camera on the front of the torso.

Super Lifeless Object CampEdit

Kindle's screen has been given a lighter hue, and the glow effect was removed. Kindle's body can also turn, and he is now completley armless.

Super Lifeless Object RebootEdit

In episode 2 of Super Lifeless Object Reboot, his body changed from being an Kindle Fire HD 7 type, to a HD 10. His body is now orange in the back and black at the front, and supports 2 cameras (one from the front and one from the back). His manufacter logo, Chevy, is also behind his body. His screen is saturated too, and his arms have came back again.


  • Chevy, his manufacter company, is named after Jevron Freeman's nickname his friends give him, and his Discord Name.
  • Kindle started out as an OC made by the creator himself on DeviantArt.