Hypey is a male contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. His now current arch enemy is Bowly, who turned into his enemy by Hypey beating him up with a boxing glove in the tie breaker. He is in Team Flight Kites too.


In his new appearance, he has a rectangular cap on his head, five black holes on the cap, and even no outline around his body. In his old appearance however, he has a gray outline around his torso, a rounder cap, and have also misplaced holes.


  • It is revealed that in Aw, Come On!, Hypey is good at fighting.
  • In Aw Come On, Hypey seemingly explodes when surprised.
    • He also seems to turn hyper when surprised.
  • Hypey is the only character in SLOB that makes the most random faces.
    • He is also the only male character to do so.
  • Hypey was almost going to turn into a female. This was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Hypey's spiral eyes were based on Firey's spiral eyes from BFDIA after Puffbal singed, "Yeah Who? I Wanna Know."
  • Hypey was originally going to be named Sugar. This was then changed to Hypey due to the fact that sugar makes people hyper.
  • Hypey originally was going to have Grape as a love interest. This was scrapped because Jevron Freeman thought that it wouldn't match.
  • Hypey was the first ever character to talk.
    • He only laughed that Balloon Boy died though.