Glidey is a male contestant that competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. He had first debuted in the first scene in the first episode, Tanks!.


He has red, blue, yellow, and green right angles on his body and has two white sticks at the center of his body that holds his right angles. In his new idle, he is wider, bigger, longer, and taller. He is now the same size as Map. In his old idle however, he is skinnier, along with his coloured right angles in different places (excluding the blue one).


  • He is one of the characters who have never been voted for.
  • In the first promotional introduction of Super Lifeless Object Battle, Glidey seems to act bling. As in Episodes 2-3 however, he is not like this.
  • There is another kind of Glidey in Object Overload named Kite.
    • Kite in Object Overload however is female.
  • The reason why he turned Tean Captain because back in Episode 1, Glidey was hovering over the event of the challenge, which made it possible for other contestants to not see him.
    • Due to him hovering in Episode 1, the episode might have taken place in a windy day.
  • Glidey is shown breaking the 4th wall in the second episode, And His Name Is..., as he was shown grabbing the Team Flight Kites logo and put it back to its place then.
  • Glidey was originally not to be chosen for team captain. Nor Map being the same.
    • Instead, it was going to be Egg.
  • Glidey was shown off-screen stacking all the eggs on top of each other in Aw, Come On!.
    • This was because Jevron was using the Bandicam Demo, which is known to only record for exactly ten minutes.
  • As revealed in Episode 4D, Glidey doesn't know how to trigger a cheat code.
  • Glidey is one of the characters that are not named after their signature object. The others are Hypey (a sugar shaker) and Baysa (a book).


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