Egg is a male contestant in Super Lifeless Object Battle. His team is Team Flight Kites, which is running by his freind, Glidey. He debuted in the first episode, Tanks! Where he is seen on the very beginning watching real life videos made by the Youtuber, Jevron Freeman, along with Glidey, Hypey, and Atom while looking at an inanimate version of Laptop.


He is a small brown egg that is tan, has a lighter shine on the back of his head, a brown shadow, and big eyes and legs (mostly because of him being small).

Deaths Edit


  • Egg the only character to have unique assets.
  • Despite Egg's planned appearance, Egg might die.
  • Egg and Grape is shown to be angry at each other as shown in the video, I need to ask you guys a question, by Jevron Freeman. However, Grape and Egg are not like this in the show.
    • This is mostly because Egg and Grape were planned to be arch enemies.
  • Egg is the only contestant whose friend is a host.
    • The host is Laptop.
    • However, he is not freinds with Baysa because "she's a girl."
  • Egg might have his egg body changed despite the other characters having new assets. Baysa, Bowly, Glidey, and Laptop are an example.
  • In the intro of Episodes 2-5, Egg is seen looking at Big Orange Chicken, a eliminated contestant from Brawl of the Objects. Egg might be looking at him mostly because due to the fact that eggs turn into chickens.
  • In Who's "PAM?", It is revealed that Egg snuck behind Plug-ee, inserted an acoma syringe onto her, and then abandons her at the start of Episode 4A.
  • Egg is shown to crack in Episode 6, Who the Heck is Baysa?


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Team Flight Kites

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