The Complimentary Angles are new contestants that compete in Super Lifeless Object Reboot, and their team is Team Time. Unlike all the other characters on the show, these 2 are sisters (Orange and Green individually) and are counted as 1 contestant all together.

Appearance Edit

The Complimentary Angles are sisters in the show. Unlike Plug-ee, where she's 2 sisters fused together, these sisters are separated, and can move freely. Although this is the case, Green always sticks together with Orange.

Both of the triangles are isosceles angles, as both of their sides are the same length. They also have a sharp bevel, and have a great shine to them. If both of them were to be put together perfectly, they'll make a 90° (hence the name)

The sisters are also colored individually, as Green is obviously green, and the same goes with Orange, as she's orange.

Trivia Edit

  • They are one of the only siblings to compete in the show ever.
    • The other sister on the show is Plug-ee
    • They're also the only twins on the show
  • Despite both being talkative, Green talks the most
  • Although the sisters are twins, Orange is the most self-aware in the show, as she only smiles when she talks to Green.