Clock is a new male contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Reboot, and is the team captain of Team Time. He first debuted in the first episode of the reboot, Let the Cringe Begin!, where he was invited by Laptop to join his show.


Super Lifeless Object CampEdit

Before the reboot, Clock's body was extremely simple, and his body didn't make a 3D effect. He also had a ring of squares around the numbers. He was also barely shiny, and only had a shine crescent on the upper body.

Super Lifeless Object RebootEdit

Clock's body has a black & gray gradient and the ring of squares was removed from his asset. He also made a 3D effect if his body is turned to an angle. His clock arms would also function as a mouth (the minute hand functioning as the upper jaw, adn the hour hand functioning as the lower jaw). Clock also lacks arms, but can hold or make things with his legs.

When he is angry (a.k.a, Clock-a-saurus Rex), his clock arms are bigger and longer. The clock arms also grow large and sharp teeth and his whole entire body will glow red.


  • Clock was one of the scrapped characters that didn't make it to the first season of Super Lifeless Object Battle.
    • In the first season, he would be a rival towards Compass, and would sometimes be called a imposter by him.