Bowly is a male contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. He was eliminated with 1 vote in the third episode of SLOB, Aw, Come On!. He is best freinds with Glidey, but is now currently enemies with Hypey.


He is a purple, marble-y bowling ball that has the usual three finger holes, and has a spherical shape for his body. Even though he is spherical, he is not in a perfect ball shape. He is almost an oval. In his old design, he had more texture and even had a bevel into him.


  • He is one of the characters who had a major changed idle. The others bring EggCompassChess PieceLaptop, and Baysa.
  • Glidey describes Bowly, "the buff and dumb one."
  • Bowly didn't appeared in the very beginning of Super Lifeless Object Battle (discounting the intro) of Tanks!
  • As seen in the Super Lifeless Object Battle introduction video, he was recommended by one if Jevron's friends.
    • The friend is to be confirmed to be making an object show called, "Battle Crysis of the Island."
    • The friend also got mad when he saw Bowly eliminated.
  • Bowly is the only male character to be purple.
  • Bowly was partially based on Jevron's real life bowling ball.
  • Bowly was about to be named Bowley and Bowling Ball. This was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Bowly was originally going to be fuchsia. Then the color was changed to pink. This was finally changed to purple.
  • Bowly was shown to be dumb in some cases as when he was in the tie breaker with Hypey, he said, "Alright, I didn't want to do this, but KNOW your going to pay," instead of, "Alright, I didn't want to do this, but NOW your going to pay."


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