Baysa is the only secondary and female host of the show. She is the girlfreind of Laptop and had debuted in the second episode, And His Name Is..., after Jevron Freeman talked about the new assets . She is also a backup host. This happens when Laptop is gone in different occasions.


She is a pink logic book that has a golden-yellow text on her body saying, "BAYSA." She is also half dictionary, atlas, newspaper, math book, science book, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and half internet.


  • She is a book equipped with
    • Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia and Wikipedia.
    • Math Subjects.
    • Science Subjects.
    • Social Studies Subjects.
    • Thesaurus
    • Encyclopedia
    • Atlas
    • Newspaper
    • Half Internet
  • Baysa is named after the white cat character that goes by the same name, Baysa, from an animated cartoon called Minecraft for Noobs.
    • Coincidentally, Baysa is in love with cats.
      • Additionally, this cat Baysa is male.
  • Baysa was name Baysa because Jevron L Freeman wanted to make a form of alliteration.
  • She hates Five Nights at Freddy's because she thought that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 was the final game until Scott Cawthon announced FNaF World, as revealed in Episode 2.
  • In And His Name Is..., It is heard that Laptop and Baysa lives in a library.