Atom Is a small, armless male contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle and possibly will compete in Super Lifeless Object Camp.


In episode 1, Atom appears as a clipart of an atom. Atom has black rings around his body, his nucleus is red and blue, and his electrons are red.

In episode 3, Atom appears to have red, blue, and grey rings around his nucleus that is red and blue. He also have gray electrons too.

In Super Lifeless Object Reboot, Atom's  body has been tweaked, as his rings around his nucleus has been bold.


  • Atom is the smallest contestant and character in Super Lifeless Object Battle.
  • On Piggy-Ham-Bacon's deviantart journal about all the Super Lifeless Object Battle mistakes explained, he says that it was possible that Atom has the most screentime in every episode, considering the true scientific fact that atoms are everywhere.
  • Running Gag: Atom says the line, "Aw, Come On!" In episodes 3 and 5.
    • The 3rd episode, Aw, Come On!, is also named after this catchphrase
  • Atom is one the few contestants who's body is a clipart picture.
  • Atom is the only contestant who doesn't resemble their real life counter part, as Atom's are all gray and is even more smaller.
  • In Tanks!, Atom's speech bubble will always say for the first text, "speaking in a high-pitched voice."
  • Jevron Freeman actually confirmed that Atom is not young.


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